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Before & After Silence

Before & After Silence is a collection of songs written and recorded by Speed the Plough founders Toni and John Baumgartner during much of 2020 and into 2021 when live music, or even getting together to jam or rehearse, was out of the question. So they went long distance, getting contributions from musicians from Beirut to Florida to New York to California, and points in between.
CD, $13 including s/h.
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…And Then

Speed the Plough’s ninth full-length, released Dec. 8, 2017, includes photos, complete credits, liner notes by author Rick Moody, and a digital download card offering access to high resolution 24-bit files of the album.
$10 including postage in the continental US.

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Here’s a taste of the wonderful reviews that greeted the album: …And Then is a welcome addition to Speed the Plough catalog, a fine example of their endurance, humanity and empathic songwriting.” – from an AP review that ran in countless outlets including The Washington Post, NY Daily News, Houston Chronicle, London Telegraph, and Toronto Star
“No matter what shape the band takes or what musical avenes they decide to explore, Speed the Plough always deliver the goods.” – from a review in Jersey Beat, where the album made the Top 20 list for 2017.


Speed the Plough Now


Speed the Plough’s eighth full-length LP, Now, on Coyote Records. Limited edition 180-gram vinyl LP includes 24-bit WAV file download coupon.
$12, plus $5 shipping/handling in the continental U.S.
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Help us celebrate the release of Now
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Now t-shirt


The Plough and the Stars
Shine CD Swerve CD
Shine, 2011, CD, Dromedary Records, $13. Click here. Swerve, 2010, CD, $13, including s/h. Click here.
Wonder Wheel CD Wonder Wheel cassette

Wonder Wheel, 1991, CD, $13,
including s/h. Click here.

Wonder Wheel, 1991, cassette, $12, including s/h. Click here.
Shine t-shirt

Shine t-shirt,
size M or L,
$15. Click here.

The Plough and The Stars,
12" LP, CD, booklet, downloads, 2013, Bar-None Records. Click here to order.
Mason's Box CD
Mason’s Box, 1993, CD, $13, including s/h. Click here.
Lock and Key single
“Lock and Key” b/w “Seven Stairs,” limited edition vinyl single, 1994, Acetone Records, France, $8.50, including s/h. Click here.