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OPTION: “The songs unfold with a layered yet airy density. Melodies percolate out of the shifting, swirling stucture... This could be your drug.”

SOUNDS, LONDON: “Ultimately, Speed the Plough is stirring, agreeably restful and even a balm. It will not only grow on you, but with you.”

CHICAGO TRIBUNE: “This New Jersey sextet creates music that invites, persuades and ultimately seduces. Speed the Plough doesn’t sound like anybody else on the current pop scene. What a blessing.”

CMJ: “The Plough is a weaver of finer and more sacred materials, its music a homeopathic balm for the stressed and self-estranged soul.”

BILLBOARD: “, delightful songcraft.”

CREEM: “Their songs are like aural versions of post-impressionist paintings, all texture and color, delicately wrought rhythms and sing-song vocals.”

NY PRESS: Wonder Wheel “is a late-night delight to return to again and again, a tender sort of chamber music, an antidote to urban summer madness.”

AUSTIN CHRONICLE: “This is a strong recommendation that you get hold of a copy of this record right away and notice that it’s more an album that you feel than think about.”

NY TIMES: “...this is no rarefied art music. It’s a garage-band sort of minimalism, with welters of electric guitar sounds and feedback accelerating madly into crashing crescendos, only to subside and begin building again.”

ORLANDO SENTINEL: “[Marina] has the familiar, alluring combination of gently propulsive rhythms, hypnotic guitar riffs and graceful folky melodies.”

BUCKETFUL OF BRAINS: “They go in for intricate layers of sound that constantly change and weave to produce a truly ethereal and hypnotic feeling.”

CHARLESTON GAZETTE: “Rather than being a hybrid of its influences, STP’s gentle, earthy pieces of aural artwork imitate no one.”

NEO: “Just sit back and let the hypnotic sounds pass through you. An original artwork in an unoriginal time.”